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Find the perfect domain name to launch your restaurant website!

Whenever you launch your new restaurant website design. You can either go with the traditional “.com” or you can choose one of the new brand-specific domain name extensions below:

Restaurant Website Design

Your restaurant website, your way

Flavory is the first restaurant e-commerce platform that was built specifically to handle all aspects of your restaurant online business. It’s a restaurant website design, restaurant website builder, and restaurant marketing platform wrapped all in one.

Restaurant website design

The ultimate purpose of Flavory is to simplify many of the pain points restaurant owners struggle with when creating a restaurant website and managing their online presence and reputation. We aim to streamline everything from start to finish. Such as restaurant web design, restaurant reservations, web hosting, online orders, food menu building, social media integrations, restaurant food delivery and much more.

Step away from having to use multiple services to handle different parts of your restaurant online and trade it for a single solution. Flavory is the solution you never knew you needed.

Restaurant Website Design

Take Orders Online

So what does Dominos, Chipotle, and The Cheesecake Factory all have in common? They’re all taking orders online and each has an online ordering system that is unique to their brand.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, let’s check out some stats:

  • 35% of all online food orders are over $50
  • Online orders have tripled over the last 5 years, while restaurant attendance has declined
  • People order more food online than in person, fewer lines equals larger orders.
  • Online orders are growing in popularity as 57% of customers order their food from a website
  • The percentage of orders that have been booked online using either a phone or tablet app— is now sitting at 6.6% of the total— which exceeds the quantity placed verbally over the phone (5%).
  • 70% of independent restaurants don’t take orders on their website.

This is a huge opportunity for you as a restaurant owner or operator. Flavory places you ahead of the curve in comparison to other restaurant websites.

Mobile ordering

Food ordering by mobile application, text message, and the internet grew 18% in March from a year earlier as consumers seeking greater convenience by eating at home rather than at a restaurant. This is when restaurant website design that is mobile first along with speed is essential to your restaurant’s online success. Flavory’s restaurant online ordering system was built with simplicity and convenience in mind. Seamlessly integrating your website with the POS of your choice.

Restaurant Website Design

Build food & drinks menus

They’re 3 steps to consider when creating a menu for your restaurant. Menu costing, menu engineering, and menu design. This is essential to crafting a menu that will have a direct effect on your bottom line.

Mess this up and you will lose money…Guaranteed.

Menu costing is the first step to getting real pricing data to get you started on your menu engineering.

Menu engineering is the practice of strategically structuring your menu to increase profits.

Menu design takes the data gained from menu costing and engineering to then create a beautiful menu that will delight customers and influence their purchasing decisions. So what does restaurant website design have to do with my menu setup? Well, everything! Flavory restaurant menu builder was built with these 3 steps in mind. It takes the great work that’s already been done with your physical and translates it into a digital menu.

One that is optimized for all screens, e-commerce ready, with a mobile-first approach. The goal here is to have the same effect on your customers online as they would walking through the doors of your restaurant. The end result will be the same online as it is offline, they place an order.

Restaurant delivery from your site

Restaurant delivery is growing rapidly, almost 70% of consumers have ordered online delivery in the past 6 months. Meanwhile, 35% of millennials are going to restaurants far less in the past year. At the same time, 7 million online food orders are placed on average every month.

There is no question, you need to deliver! But how? The most popular method by far at the moment is using 3rd party services like UberEats, Postmates, Doordash, etc. The downside – restaurants dislike these services but they’re a necessary evil. Some of these services take up 30% of your order total.

But if it wasn’t for the service, you might not have gotten that order. Additionally, if you use multiple services, you end up in what is called a tablet farm, where you’re managing multiple screens in order to manage all your delivery options.

This is where is Flavory comes in. There’s an untapped market of restaurants handling delivery on their own website. Our restaurant website design platform handles the delivery of your meals directly from your website from start to finish.

Restaurant website design

Accept reservations & bookings

So let’s talk about the state of restaurant reservations. Of those customers who have made restaurant reservations, 72% said they usually make their reservations over the phone.

25% regularly make online reservations. 19% do so in person. And 9% use mobile apps. More specifically, 13% of diners said they’ve made online reservations at restaurants many times.

And 32% said they’ve done so once or twice. The most interesting takeaway from the numbers is how little people are making reservations online or through apps.

There is a reason. In general, 47% of restaurant consumers said that making reservations online is easier than making restaurant reservations in other ways.

44% said they are more likely to make restaurant reservations if they have the option to do so online. And 34% said they’re more likely to choose restaurants that offer the ability to make online reservations. The problem here isn’t that user aren’t or don’t want to make online reservations, it’s just that not enough restaurants are offering it. Flavory handles reservations in 2 folds, taking reservations directly on your website, as well as integrating with 3-rd party solutions like OpenTable.

Restaurant Website Design

Sell on social media

We’re not in 2015 anymore, social media is no longer optional. It is now a necessity for business success, especially if you’re in the restaurant business.

By now, you may have gathered that we love numbers…so let’s get into some.

78% of online consumers rely on social media to guide their purchases.

43% of consumers are likely to buy a new product when learning about it on social media.

45% of consumers’ shopping behavior is influenced by reading reviews and comments. So how does restaurant website design play into social commerce? Well, if you’re going to have an e-commerce website, it better be built to sell anywhere and everywhere. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Tumblr has the ability to sell products directly through said platforms. As we mentioned early, our mission is to centralize restaurant e-commerce.

Right now, not nearly enough restaurants are taking advantage of these platforms for selling. Flavory’s websites are optimized for selling on these platforms, offering both clean design and direct integration.

Take control of your online reviews

The single most tiring thing both independent restaurant owners and big restaurant brands have to deal with online is reviews. They’re several popular platforms out there that you have to manage, plus each has their own requirements and guidelines.

The worst part about it is you have very little control over what anyone can say about your business. It doesn’t matter if the reviews are real or they’re coming from bots, it’s out of your hands.

Well, we can’t give you more control of those platforms but we can give you your own review platform. One that you will have 100% control over and not only that –  One that enables you to have more interaction with your customers by capturing their contact details. Which you can then market to at a later date.

Why is your own platform important?

55% percent of franchise restaurant owners leverage online reviews.

33% of restaurant goers will never dine below 4 stars.

Email marketing for restaurants

Remember the first time we thought email was dead? It was about 15 years ago with the rise of 1st generation messenger and chat software like AIM. Followed by forums, 1st generation social networks like Myspace, Friendster, and Hi5. Then came web 2.0 which later became social media, now it’s stories, moments, AR and VR. What has remained constant through all these phases of the internet? An email address… It still remains the ID card of the internet. And now with the rise of mobile devices, you can combine email with push notifications. Stats:

  • 90% percent of people who receive emails from newsletter read them
  • People who receive promo codes via email spend more than a 3rd of what shoppers who don’t promo codes would
  • They’re over 1 billion Gmail users, other email services account for 1.5 billion users
  • Push notifications boost engagement by 88%
  • 65% of users return to your site within 30 days when they subscribe to push notifications.

Email & push notifications are the most cost-effective channels. Unlike profiles pages on social networks, that change their rules often. You own your contact list channel and have 100% control. Flavory’s restaurant notification solutions offer simple to use email and web push notification. Eliminating the need for 3rd party hosting services.

Restaurant website design for the future

Have you heard of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? How about a PWA (Progressive Web App), Instant Articles or even a plain old Web App? What are they? They’re all types of websites, each with their own advantages. And you’re going to need them in order compete on the modern web. When you launch your Flavory site, you’re launching 3 websites in one. A responsive mobile first website, a web app and AMP website. This is how you get a restaurant website that is fast and has the look and feel of an APP that’s on your phone.

Going beyond restaurant websites

Flavory goes far beyond restaurant website design. What if you’re a food truck owner? Maybe, you operate a cafe, bakery, creamery, or a delivery only restaurant. These all have requirements that are different from the typical brick & mortar restaurant. Flavory had that all in mind when we sat out to build the best restaurant website platform. This is what sets Flavory apart from everyone else when it comes to restaurant website design.

Restaurant Website Design

Mission Control for your online restaurant business

Although Flavory is a platform for restaurant website design, that’s only the beginning. Our goal is to centralize restaurant e-commerce. So everything from online orders, delivery, reviews, & social media should be managed from a single platform. The Flavory platform. We need your help to do it, let’s make it happen.

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