About Us

How it all started

They’re a few factors that resulted in the creation of Flavory, which is the sister site to Site Studio.

While Site Studio provides information on how to build any type of website with WordPress, Flavory was created to only focus on building restaurant websites.

Who’s behind it?

My name is Glenton Samuels,

I’ve been building WordPress websites since 2006 and I’ve built hundreds of websites. Something that kept recurring was that whenever I worked on a restaurant-related website, I found it to be the most enjoyable.

The first restaurant website I ever built was for my uncle’s (A master chef) Jamaican restaurant in Cleveland, Oh. This, later on, lead to me landing another client that was also a restaurant owner, which is what sparked the birth of Flavory.

Why Flavory?

Building websites for restaurant owners brought quite a bit of insight into the food & beverage industry. This includes marketing, business models, staffing, inventory, industry trends and so much more.

The result is Flavory is now a full-fledged digital marketing platform for restaurants. Most solutions out there for restaurant owners add more tasks that a restaurant owner has to deal with.

Most restaurant owners don’t have the time to handle everything that’s required to successfully marketing a business online. As well as run the day to day operations of a restaurant.

Website as a service

At the core of Flavory is a restaurant website builder. Layered on top of that are other services necessary for online success.

This includes email marketing, social media marketing, online orders, local marketing, print, design and much more.

Fully managed

As we mentioned before, restaurant owners are strapped for time. With that in mind, Flavory was designed to be a fully managed solution. Once you set it up, our team can take over the whole thing or you can choose what parts we should manage.

This is the real value of Flavory. Sure, we’re selling you a website but what we’re really offering…Is time.

Let’s Work

We work with all sorts of restaurants, bars, cafes and other food businesses. We’d love to be your digital marketing partner.

Contact us: https://flavoryapp.com/contact-us/